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Discovery and Connection at Sir John Franklin School

I had an incredible time visiting Sir John Franklin School as a guest speaker this week. I dove into the essential topics of online safety and digital wellness with a fantastic group of grade 6-7 and 4-5. It was a day filled with energy, enthusiasm, and eye-opening conversations!

The students amazed me with their sophisticated questions about platforms like Roblox and shared real-life experiences with scams that even affected their grandparents. It’s clear they’re already seeing far more online than even their teachers or I realize. I learned just as much from them as they did from me, which is the real joy of these interactions.

Their parents were also keenly involved. Providing families with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate the digital world safely is something I’m passionate about, and it was wonderful to see both kids and adults so eager to learn and discuss these crucial topics.

Thank you, Sir John Franklin School, for welcoming me into your community and for such engaging discussions. Let’s keep these important conversations going and make our online and offline worlds safer and more positive for everyone!


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