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Technology News for Education

AI, Social Media, and Digital Wellness

The digital world keeps spinning faster, and this past week really highlighted the mix of cool opportunities and serious challenges that come with the rise of AI and social media. From awesome educational investment in AI to some worrying risks, changes in our kids' digital landscape are happening quickly. Here is a summary of last week's technology news.

An illustration showing a classroom divided between good and bad AI influences
Children and AI is a Double Sided Coin

AI & Kids: Big Moves and Big Concerns

Good News from the BBC:

The BBC is really stepping up its game, pouring millions into AI-driven educational content. They're set on making learning cooler and more customized for everyone. Want to see what they’re cooking up? Check this out and see more.

Not So Good News:

On the flip side, AI isn’t all fun and games. There’s a scary rise in AI-generated content that could harm kids, like a flood of illegal content that's pushing the limits of our protective systems.

An image showing a road to legitimacy lined with social media icons.
Social Media Giants Looking to Address Harms

Social Media: A Rocky Road to Responsibility

Changes in British Columbia:

Legislation that would make social media giants more accountable got pushed back by Premier Eby last week. It would seem that the threat of litigation has encouraged the tech companies to come to the table and talk. Now, it’s all about negotiations. Want the scoop on that? Here’s the full story. is Partnering with Tech Companies

Meanwhile, initiatives like the one by and All Tech Is Human demonstrate proactive steps by tech giants to self-regulate, focusing specifically on child safety. They are only at the discussing 'principles' at this stage however. For more details on these developments, check out Thorn's latest initiative.

While it's good the the media companies are coming to the table to collaborate with various government and non-profit organizations, it's hard to believe their concerns are genuine when they have ignored these issues for years without response.

A image showing children reading and relaxing in nature
Children Need Downtime - Offline and Analogue

Time to Unplug? Digital Detox is Trending!

 Why It Matters:   

Are children are showing clear signs of being overwhelmed by all the screens and notifications. ’Digital detox’ is gaining traction as a way to cut back on digital clutter for better health. Universities and researchers are leading the charge, advocating breaks from digital life to refresh and rejuvenate. 


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