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B.C. Gov’t Takes Steps to Keep Our Kids Safe Online

Let’s dive into something super important today – how we’re stepping up to make the online world a safer place for our kids. There’s some cool stuff happening in British Columbia that’s worth talking about. So, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s break it down together.

What’s Happening in BC?

On March 15, Jill Bennett and I had a chat on CKNW about some new rules BC’s thinking about to help protect our kids online. It’s all wrapped up in something called the “Public Health Accountability And Cost Recovery Act.”  Here’s what it’s all about:

  1. Less Screen Time at School: Starting January 26, 2024, BC wants to cut down on cellphone distractions in class, so schools are more about learning and less about texting.

  2. Help for Victims: Starting in January 2024, if someone’s been bullied or harassed online, there’ll be ways to get those nasty images off the web and even take the bullies to court. Plus, there’s this new site called ‘TakeBackYourImage’ that’s all about helping out and giving advice.

  3. Making Big Tech Play Fair: By March 2024, there might be new rules to make sure social media companies are being responsible and not letting harmful stuff get to our kids.

graphic symbolizing justice and a child symbol on an ipay

More Than Just Talk: Action Time

The recent proposals go even further. They’re talking about making companies pay up for any harm they cause, kind of like what happened with tobacco and opioid companies. It’s about keeping companies in check and making sure they’re part of the solution, not the problem.

Not Just a BC Thing

This isn’t just happening in BC. All around the world, people are waking up to the fact that we need to keep our kids safe online: 

  1. Australia: They’ve got the Online Safety Act 2021 to cut down on addictive tech stuff and keep kids safe.

  2. Europe: They’re all about making the internet a better place for kids, banning bad ads and harmful content.

  3. The UK: Their Kids Online Safety Act is all about making sure social media is a safe spot for kids.

  4. The US: Attorney General, (32) from various states are suing Meta, saying they need to do better by our kids.

Let’s Team Up!

It’s awesome to see all these changes, but let’s not forget, we’re all in this together. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or just someone who cares, we’ve all got a part to play in making the online world a safe space for our youngsters.

Let’s keep the conversation going, support each other, and make sure our kids can explore, learn, and have fun online without running into trouble. Here’s to creating a brighter, safer digital future for all our kids!


Join me in championing online safety! 

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