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Seniors Cyber Safety Education

Workshops & Lessons

Ready to navigate the digital world safely? Join our Seniors Cyber Safety Education and get practical tips on protecting your personal info, spotting scams, and staying connected securely.


Choose from engaging workshops or personalized lesson.

Contact SafeOnline now to schedule your session and start your journey to a safer online experience! 

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Stay Safe Online with Seniors Cyber Safety Education!

Discover workshops tailored for seniors, their adult children, and those who support and care for them. Our comprehensive sessions are designed to empower everyone with the tools to navigate the digital world securely.

Three Paths to Digital Safety:


  • For Seniors: Hands-on guidance to protect yourself online.

  • For Adult Children: Learn how to support your parents in staying cyber-safe.

  • For Allies & Caregivers: Equip yourself with the knowledge to assist seniors effectively.

Pamphlets for All Seniors Cyber Safety Education Programs

Explore this collection of informative pamphlets detailing each of our Senior Cyber Safety Education programs. Available in both regular and printable PDF formats, these resources are designed for easy access and distribution. Download and share to help spread the word about seniors staying safe online!

Cyber-Savvy Seniors
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