Online Safety during the Pandemic

The pandemic has meant kids are spending more time online which has increased both cyber abuse and sexual exploitation online.

SafeOnline Professional Workshops & Presentations

Professional Workshops

The new Professional Workshops include: “Online Sexting, Pornography and Sexual Exploitation: Pandemic 2020 Update” and “Technology and Mental Wellness: The Pros, the Cons and the Future”. Learn more…

Parent/Caregiver Webinars

Parent & Caregiver Webinars

Parent/Caregiver Webinars reflect the intense new challenges of supervising and monitoring childrens’ online lives; managing parental controls; making homes more technology balanced and mitigating online risks. Learn More…

SafeOnline School-based Internet Safety

Student In-Person Presentations

SafeOnline Student In-Person Presentations are information-rich, lively presentations designed to deeply engage students and teachers in one of five topic areas.   Learn More…

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SOGI 123

Merlyn Horton and SafeOnline Education Associates support the values and goals of SOGI 123
and acknowledge everyone’s right to respect for their gender identity and sexual orientation.
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