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Knowledge for the Digital Age

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Welcome to SafeOnline Education!


Our commitment is unwavering: to elevate the online safety of families everywhere.


Under Merlyn Horton's leadership, SafeOnline has been a pioneer in digital safety education, influencing lives in British Columbia, throughout Canada, and around the globe for over two and a half decades. Merlyn's unique perspectives in deciphering teen culture and online social dynamics, coupled with her adeptness in staff training, position her—and SafeOnline—as a distinguished authority in the digital safety realm.


SafeOnline is here to cultivate secure digital environments and champion responsible digital engagement, empowering you to make informed and significant online choices. Our mission is to engage students, parents, educators, seniors, and youth professionals in accessible presentations, workshops and webinars.


Let's empower our teams and families together to embrace the digital world with confidence and wisdom. 

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Parents Ask...

What are the best tools or apps to ensure my child's digital devices are safe and secure?
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Services Tailored for Every Age

Presentations, Workshops, Webinars and Resources

SafeOnline services are thoughtfully designed for a diverse audience, including middle school students, parents, foster parents, youth workers, and seniors, ensuring everyone is equipped with the knowledge to navigate the digital world securely. 

Discover engaging presentations, workshops, courses and resources, crafted to foster understanding and proactive online behaviour. Join me on a journey to enhance digital well-being, reinforcing a safer and more informed online community for all.

See detailed information on each service in the link below
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A picture of Merlyn Horton

My name is Merlyn Horton

My life's passion it to educate others with compassion and creative solutions to the challenges of living in a digital culture. I am a Canadian online safety expert and digital safety pioneer with over 25 years of creating cutting-edge education solutions for children, youth and adults.


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