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Our School Internet Safety presentations and workshops are designed to offer you, your Parent Advisory Committee and your school (or group) flexibility in setting, activities and audience size, while continuing to offer our engaging research-based content. Learn more about our School Internet Safety Program…


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SafeOnline’s Professional Development Workshops deliver practical, relevant and up-to-date internet safety information to educators and social service organizations. Our consultations are tailored to your organization’s needs to develop policy and enhance outreach programs. Learn more about our Professional Development Program…

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SOGI 123

Merlyn Horton and SafeOnline Education Associates support the values and goals of SOGI 123 and acknowledge everyone’s right to respect for their gender identity and sexual orientation. Learn more…

Our Clients’ Say

“Last night’s PAC meeting included a presentation by a speaker from SafeOnline on online safety. The speaker was fantastic, the parents were engaged, and, frankly, slightly frightened, and the topic was current, current, current!”
Lord Tennyson Elementary School

“SafeOnline has been a valuable collaborator to MediaSmarts for many years through its involvement in Media Literacy Week, a national week dedicated to promoting digital and media literacy as key components in the education of young people and to encouraging the implementation and practice of media education in Canadian homes, schools and communities. We commend the work that SafeOnline does for communities in BC and we hope that you will consider their application and assist them in continuing to do such great work.”
Jane Tallim, Co-Executive Director

“We attended the presentation ‘Parenting in a Digital Age’ put on by a Vancouver high school in May 2018. This presentation was informative and relevant to what we are dealing with at home. The speaker, Merlyn Horton, was well-spoken, knowledgeable on this topic and kept the audience engaged with her words as well as using a slideshow and videos to get the points across. It does cover a lot of information and Ms. Horton does provide a handout with resources and websites for parents’ further research. I think elementary schools should offer this presentation to both the students and parents, as kids nowadays are starting young on devices and should be aware at an early age.”
C.L., Parent, 2018

“Merlyn has presented to students and parents on the topic of having a safe online presence, with Merlyn expertly striking the balance between providing relevant information and the opportunity for reflection around current practice. Merlyn is able to adapt the use of materials, depending on her audience, with Vancouver Technical Secondary School, specifically looking to support students with their transition from elementary school to high school. I would highly recommend using the SafeOnline resources and Merlyn’s presentation to support students and parents with their understanding of social media and adolescent use.”

Paul Godfrey, Vice Principal
Van Tech Secondary

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This mad my heart pound. Adult supervision of devices is vital! ...

This mad my heart pound. Adult supervision of devices is vital! ...