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Safe Tech for Kids: Age Ratings

Making sure that your kids only play games and use apps rated for their age group ensures that they aren’t put in situations beyond their emotional maturity to handle.

Apps like Snapchat, Tik Tok and Instagram have an age restriction of 13 yrs old. Prior to that age children don’t have the developmental capacity to assess risk or project into the future. This leaves them open to manipulation and exploitation. 

ESRB ratings provide information about what’s in a game so you can make informed choices about which are right for your family. Click the button below to look up your children’s games. Have a conversation with your kids and talk about adult content and why it’s not healthy for them.

Common Sense Media ha tools to look up and verify which apps are age appropriate for your child. Click the image below and look up apps and talk over the results with your children.

Graph with age ratings for social media platforms popular with children and youth.
Age Ratings for Popular Social Media

Negotiating an agreement between parents and kids to abide by age restrictions on apps and games is a good way to increase children’s online safety. SafeOnline presentations and webinars show you the tools and strategies to keep your kids safer online. Click below for more information on booking an event for your parent or caregiver group.


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