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7. 'Online Salad'

Here's Some Positive Sites to Explore
7. 'Online Salad'

Find The Good Stuff!

The internet is like a giant library with more information than we could ever explore in our whole lives. It's important to choose what you read and watch online wisely, just like you pick healthy foods to eat. Here are some great websites and links that are good for you to check out!

  • Khan Academy - Dive into a world of knowledge with Khan Academy! Whether you're into math, science, coding, or history, this site has tons of videos and quizzes that make learning fun and easy.

  • National Geographic Kids - Curious about the world around you? National Geographic Kids is the place to explore! From wild animals to distant lands, enjoy cool games, awesome videos, and fascinating articles all about our planet.

  • BrainPOP - Get ready to learn with fun cartoons and games at BrainPOP! You can discover new things about all your favorite subjects like science, math, and English, and test your knowledge with quick quizzes.

  • Scratch- Want to make your own games and animations? Scratch lets you code your own creative projects! It’s easy to start, and you can share your work with friends and the world.

  • Mystery Science - Ever wondered why the sky is blue or how bridges don't fall? Join Mystery Science on adventures that answer curious questions and make science super exciting!

Check out these websites to make learning fun and discover new things every day!


These sites represent the best of what the internet has to offer

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