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5. Sexting & Sexual Images Online

Sex Online is Risky
5. Sexting & Sexual Images Online


Sending Nudes is Illegal

Sexting is defined as any sexual image of anyone under the age of 18. Even if it’s a picture of yourself, someone just sent it to you or you didn’t even know it was on your phone! It’s important that you be aware of this and not have illegal images on your devices at any time.

My Advice
  • Don’t create nudes - wait until you are 19!

  • Don't share a nude with someone you love. If they love you, they wouldn't ask.

  • Don’t ever ask someone you love or care about, for a nude.

If Someone Shares an Intimate Image of You

If you have had a nude of you shared online, you can do something about it. These three links lead to free, reputable sites that can help you get those images down

  • Help! Someone shared a photo of me without my consent! – Tip Sheet

  • Take It Down:’ a tool for teens to remove explicit images, NCMEC

  • Protect Your Images, B.C. government reporting, resource and support site. 

  • is Canada’s tipline to report the online sexual exploitation

Online Pornography

  • The images you see during your first sexual experiences will form and influence your sexual responses for life.

  • Porn can shape your expectations of each other. 

  • Viewing pornography is potentially addictive and can lead to sexual problems.

  • Excessive viewing has been linked to depression, isolation and the inability to form healthy relationships.

While you may be curious about sexuality and want to look for information online, it’s important to know that the majority of sexual images and videos include violence, attitudes and actions that are not for kids. Read more.

Advice About Online Pornography
  • Resist pressure from other that normalize pornography as harmless and fun

  • Don’t allow pornography to interfere with your life

  • Seek out counselling support if you feel you have a problem, if pornography is interfering with your relationships, your sleep or your ability to concentrate

  • Go to the reputable, academically-supported websites and research the effects of online pornography on adolescent sexual health and development and make an informed choice

Reputable Information About Sex

Your curiosity is normal. The thing to do is to get your sexual health information from medically and academically reliable sources. These sites will answer any question you have.

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