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3. Online Drama & Cyber Abuse

Kindness Online is Important!
3. Online Drama & Cyber Abuse

Online Drama is....

  • Arguing/teasing back & forth

  • Both people have equal power

  • Social negotiation

Cyber Abuse is....

  • One person feels hurt or harmed

  • Targeted, mean and/or abusive actions online

  • Is a crime

Are You A Cyberbully?

Am I cyberbullying? January 2023, Kids Help Phone

If You Are Abused Online
Document It

How to Document Cyberbullying: Block, Mute, and Report

Report It

Report to, A short nine step questionnaire that lets you anonymously report bullying in your school, about you or someone you know

Get Support

Talk to an Adult Your Trust

What Teens Need to Know; Bullying - PrevNet

If Your See Someone Being Abused Online

We all have a role to play when it comes to hate speech and online abuse. You can support and help you other people online. Be an 'up-stander' and stand up for others.


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