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1. Your Reputation & Future

Everything Online is Public: Everything  is Permanent!
1. Your Reputation & Future

Permanent Digital Reputations

Every time you post, comment or send something share, you create a permanent digital reputation.


Explore the history of your favourite website by going to Archive.Org, one of the online archives.

  • Go to the Archive.Org website 

  • At the top of the page is the 'Way Back Machine', is a search engine for their database.

  • Put the URL/www of a website that you visit regularly to check out its history.

  • Put '' in the search field, and click 'go'

When you see the results, can you tell when it was first published? Explore the menu on the left side to search for content by year, type and subject.

Taking & Posting Photos

Managing what you take pictures of and what you do with them is important, because it's important to protect your identity and reputation.

Taking Photos

It is legal to take pictures in a public space. What is legally considered a public space? It encompasses: all streets, squares and other rights of way, whether predominantly in residential, commercial or community/civic uses; the open spaces and parks; and the 'public/private' spaces where public access is unrestricted (at least during daylight hours).

Schools are NOT public spaces. Students should have a reasonable expectation of privacy at school.

Posting, or publishing pictures of other people is different. 

Posting Photos

It is NOT legal to post a photo of someone else without their permission. Legally everyone owns the copyright to their image. You need permission from the person to post/distribute a photo of them taken in a private space.

Canadian Photography Laws 

Your Right to Control Photos and Videos of Yourself, Quebec Online Law Library.

How to Remove Unwanted Images of Yourself Online, Dec. 2022,  Information on. how to remove unwanted tagged images on Facebook, Instagram and X.

AirDrop & Cyberflashing

Cyberflashing: How to protect yourself from unwanted AirDrops on iPhone 

AirDrop Advice
  • Decline the Alert when you get an unknown notification

  • Adjust Settings for AirDrop to receive from “Contacts Only” 

    • “Everyone” makes you visible to any body close to you in public or at school.

  • Turn AirDrop Settings> ‘Receiving’> OFF to block AirDrops

  • Turn off Bluetooth and Wifi when not needed - your battery will last longer too!

 Photos and Your Digital Reputation

Photos play a big role in online life. it’s important to know the legal implications for yourself now and in the future. You can find out more about your legal rights to your image and how it can be used by others in the links below.

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