Life Online in the Nineties was Fluid

Life online in the late-nineteen-nineties was fluid. I could be anyone, i could talk to anyone, argue any point of view. They called it the "information superhighway" then and I was working with 'street kids'. My frustration as a youth worker then was that the only people youth seemed to meet online were predators or or pedophiles. The people who care most about youth where NOT the early adopters of the Internet.

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Sext Up Kids Pt One

One of the themes that emerges next is the difference between public and private when it comes to sex and sexuality. Does this increasingly blurry boundary pose some hazards for young people? I'd say, yes, potentially. But I'd also say that making sex public can help to demystify it and make it a topic worthy of public discourse instead of hidden away as if it is something shameful. An antidote to the streak of prudishness in North American culture, perhaps.

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