Making the right choices
The real world impacts of online activities

In-Person Presentations for Student

Audience: Students in grades 6-12

Our revamped In-Person Presentations for grades 6 to 12 are designed to deeply engage students and teachers in a specific topic.

“You & Cyberbullying” : Grades 6-8, 9–12

  • definitions, effects, remedies and reporting
  • cyber-abuse and online drama
  • legalities of posting other people’s photos
  • promoting kindness online
  • how to report abuse and get help
SafeOnline Education Webinars
Cyber Abuse
SafeOnline Education Webinars
SafeOnline for Students


“Setting Limits Online” : Grades 6-8, 9–12

  • privacy settings and passwords
  • ethical and non-ethical gaming
  • balancing on and offline life
  • good mental health apps and websites

“Sexual Safety Online” : Grades 6-8, 9–12

  • age restrictions on websites and online games and why we want kids to abide by them
  • risks and legalities of posting sexual images online
  • risks and concerns about online pornography
  • recommendations for academically and medically reliable sexual health sites
SafeOnline Education Webinars
Sexual Safety Online for Students