Making the right choices
The real world impacts of online activities

Student Education – “Your Life Online”

Audience: Students in grades 6-12

 Designed to deeply engage students and teachers in examining their online interactions and choices, the revamped, 2022/23 in-person Student Presentations for grades 6 to 12 are 60-minute long.

All messages about online harm and dangers are balanced with information about staying safer, knowing warning signs of danger and how to report any concerns or danger to adults in keeping with our values

Student Presentation Highlights

  • the legalities of  taking and posting photos online and how online images of themselves and their peers will affect their futures and permanent digital reputations
  • what Terms of Use agreements are and what they actually say
  • the consequences of bullying online, how to respond and why it’s important
  • and the rapidly changing dangers of sexting
  • why apps are so addictive, how they work on our brains and why it is important to have limits

Presentations are interactive and customized to provide information most relevant to each school or community. The content offered is age appropriate and offered to students grades 6-12, including alternate programs, community youth groups, and other youth audiences.

After the Presentation schools receive a bibliography of the ideas, strategies and articles to use as follow-up activities after the presentation.