The Latest Teen Trend: Sexting – / Globe and Mail Sept 21 2012

Many thanks to Peter Persad from Clearwater Secondary School for sharing this link with us at SOLOS.

Also on the topic of sexting, take a look at this article Sexting Teens are having Sex?  Its not exactly big news  which ends with the opinion that “rather than scaring parents and teens about the danger of all sexting, we should focus our messages to young people on the possible coercive aspect of this behavior. It is important to make sure that young people understand sexual harassment, and the harm it can cause. Moreover, they need to understand that giving in to such harassment will not provide gains to them in the long run—in popularity, social capital, or easing of social anxiety”, again reinforcing the importance of education and conversations with youth on their online activities and how to stay safe, a core message here at SOLOS.