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Your Life Online: Middle Schools

Dynamic Online Safety Info for Grades 6-9

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Service Description

This presentation is designed to provide thought bombs and provoke conversations between students in grades 6-10 about responsible digital citizenship. The aim is to provide students with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the online world safely and responsibly and encourage them to think critically about their online lives. TOPICS Permanent Digital Reputations: - Grasp the concept and significance of permanent digital reputations. - Acknowledge the lasting impact of online actions and learn strategies for creating a positive digital footprint. Taking and Posting Photos of Other People Online: - Understand Canadian legal standards for posting photos and managing GEO tags to protect privacy. - Learn appropriate photography habits, respecting consent, and safety measures for using AirDrop. Social Media & Privacy: - Analyze Terms of Use Agreements and the realities of anonymity and privacy online. Online Drama and Cyber Abuse: - Differentiate between online drama and abuse and comprehend the legal consequences of cyber abuse. - Foster online kindness and know which resources to turn to if feeling threatened online. Gaming: - Recognize the benefits and educational potential of gaming, while being aware of trolling and abuse within games. - Understand age ratings for games, advocating responsible gaming practices and exploring positive uses of gaming. Online Sexuality and Sexual Health: - Sexting: Discuss the history, legal definitions, and risks associated with sexting, including strategies for handling online exploitation. - Online Pornography: Info on the impact of online pornography on adolescent sexual development. Screen Time Management: - Learn about the addictive aspects of digital media and its effects on sleep and concentration. - Develop strategies for a balanced digital life, emphasizing the importance of offline activities. Participants will be provided with access to a dedicated webpage of resources and tools post-presentation. This page will include: TOOLS - Practical advice on navigating various online situations safely and ethically. - Scenario-Based Activities RESOURCES Access a curated selection of articles, videos, and tools that provide deeper insights into digital citizenship and online safety. Your Life Online: Becoming a Responsible Digital Citizen, will encouage students and caregivers to delve into the essentials of navigating the digital world with awareness and integrity. Equip yourself and the young individuals in

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