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Spot Fake News

Decode Digital Deception: Master the Art of Spotting Fake News!

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 1,000 Canadian dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

In today's digital landscape, separating truth from deception is more crucial than ever. Sharpen your skills to spot fake news and deepfakes with our empowering workshop designed to keep seniors informed and safe from digital deception. In this workshop, you'll learn: Identifying Fake News Understand the hallmarks of fake news and conspiracy theories. Learn how to critically evaluate news sources and discern fact from fiction. Spotting Deepfakes Gain insights into the world of deepfakes—manipulated videos and images designed to mislead. Learn the techniques to recognize and verify authentic content. Using Tip Sheets Receive practical tip sheets to help you spot and verify fake news easily. These tools will empower you to navigate the digital information landscape with confidence. Protecting Yourself from Digital Deception Equip yourself with strategies to safeguard against misleading information. Learn to verify sources, cross-check facts, and trust reliable information outlets. Experiential Activities Participate in interactive activities designed to test your ability to spot fake news and deepfakes. By the end of this workshop, seniors will have the skills and confidence to stay informed with the truth and protect yourself from digital deception. Book today and become a master at spotting fake news!

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