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Foster Parenting Online

Risks, Opportunities and Strategies

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 1,000 Canadian dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

This workshop is for foster parents, program managers, social workers, and therapists—dedicated professionals and caregivers looking to create a secure and nurturing digital environment for foster children and vulnerable youth. In a digital age teeming with opportunities and risks, equipping foster parents and caregivers with the right tools and knowledge is pivotal in safeguarding and enhancing the online well-being of children in care. This workshop is designed to empower professionals and caregivers with essential strategies for setting digital boundaries, managing home Wi-Fi networks, and fostering conscious decisions about online access for foster children. It emphasizes the creation of media use agreements to promote a healthy digital balance and addresses the significant online risks of exploitation, shaming, and mental health challenges faced by vulnerable youth. OUTLINE: I. Introduction - Highlighting the critical need for online safety and digital wellness in foster care. - The role of dialogue and structured agreements in fostering safe digital environments. II. Setting Boundaries and Managing Access - Detailed strategies for managing home Wi-Fi networks and controlling digital access. - Guidance on establishing media use agreements with all family members, tailored to foster care dynamics. III. Navigating Online Risks - Understanding the landscape of online exploitation, shaming, and mental health risks, particularly for vulnerable youth. - Tools and approaches for proactive monitoring and intervention. IV. Encouraging Digital Wellness - Techniques for promoting balanced and intentional online engagement. - Creating a supportive digital culture within the family that aligns with the well-being and safety of foster children. RESOURCES: Workshop participants will gain access to a suite of tools for Wi-Fi network management, templates for media use agreements, and guidelines for setting effective digital boundaries. The session will also provide insights into recognizing signs of online exploitation and mental health strain, offering strategies for constructive engagement and support. FINAL WORDS Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to create a safer digital environment for foster children. Join 'Foster Parenting Online: Risks, Opportunities, and Strategies' to learn about setting boundaries, managing online access, and protecting vulnerable youth fr

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