We have transitioned several of our presentations and workshops to webinar and web-based resources.  These webinars and online workshops will interest parents and professionals looking to update your skills.

Merlyn Horton takes an energizing, pro-technology approach to the issues of technology and human-service delivery empowering parents, frontline staff and caregivers with positive, educational thought-bombs and resources. Horton’s enlightening—and humorous—stories and multimedia slide webinars are information rich, academically-referenced and thoroughly engaging. All stakeholders will learn how to strengthen connections with persons-served in productive, boundary-aware and professional ways both online and off.

Upcoming Webinars

Top 5 Ways to Prevent Online Sexual Threats for Kids (Audience : Parents)

Managing Online Risks and Improving Virtual Learning (Audience : Parents)

Young Families, Social Media & Providing Support Services Online (Audience : Early Childhood Educators)

Online Predation: Current Concerns, Responses and Prevention (Audience : Victim Service Workers)

Managing Video Conferencing, Social Media and Promoting Mental Wellness Online (Audience : Youth-serving Professionals)

Canadian Policies for Online Therapy, Where to Look for Guidance  (Audience : Youth-serving Professionals)

Webinars in Development

Tech/Sex Talk (Audience : Grade 8 – 12)

Families Online: Keeping An Open Dialogue (Audience : Parents and Children)

Life Online and Parental Controls (Audience : Parents)

Promoting Critical Thinking Online (Audience : Parents and Teachers)

Online Tools to Promote Mental Wellness (Audience : Youth-serving Professionals)

Online Pornography and Adolescent Sexual Health (Audience : Parents and Youth-serving Professionals)

Understanding the Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (Audience : Sexual Abuse Counsellors)

Tech 101: Foundations of the Internet for Late Adopters (Audience : Technology-reluctant adults)

Interacting with Clients Online: Platforms Security and Boundaries (Audience : Human Service Professionals)

Foundations of Shelter Work (Audience : Homeless Shelter Staff)

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