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Positive Teen Social Media App Making a Difference! GAS

screen shot from GAS app

There’s a new positive teen social media app on the horizon and it recently dethroned TikTok in the app store ratings in the U.S. It’s called Gas and it’s all about being kind to others. The app is designed for teens to spread positivity and compliments, anonymously to their peers. 

The designers wanted to create a place that makes us feel better about ourselves. There is no messaging component so bullying and abuse aren’t possible. 

GAS asks teens multiple-choice questions about people in their school, letting them choose yearbook-style superlatives such as “the most beautiful person you have ever met” or their classmate who is “never afraid of getting in trouble.” 

The app has been gaining popularity on the east coast of the U.S. and I can only hope that it starts to pick up some users here in Canada. 

When you talk to the children and youth in your life, ask them if they have heard of GAS. Maybe both you and your child can download the app and complement each other. Remember using apps and technology WITH your child really helps them to learn how to act online and supports an open ongoing dialogue about safe online habits and behaviours. 


Join me in championing online safety! 

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