Facing Up To Facebook

All too often, stories about kids on Facebook tend toward the gloomy and the disapproving. And that's all well and good when, for example, we hear stories about a single 6th Grader being harassed by 57 classmates via the social network. So, that's 58 kids interacting on a platform they're not allowed to sign up for. Hmmmm.

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Protecting… Teachers?

Well, here's an interesting new angle to the whole topic of cyberbullying and online harassment. The state of North Carolina has passed a law, the School Violence Protection Law of 2012, that criminalizes the online "intimidation" or "torment" of teachers.

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Porn Online

More from the UK. This time: pornography. Something we haven't actually talked about a great deal in this blog. And we don't mean child porn, here, but the regular internet porn that makes up a certain unknown percentage of the internet (fluctuating extremely wildly somewhere between 4% and 80%, with some observers believing many of the figures to have been inflated by web filtering companies and conservative groups with political agendas). Whatever the numbers, though, it's a fact that porn, [...]

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Shelternet September 27/12 – Links

Good morning everyone. I'm just setting up the bitly bundle for the presentation at Shelternet today. This is the link to most of the organizations and resources mentioned during my presentation this morning: Shelternet September 27/12. Enjoy and feel free to share them, and this bundle with whom ever you like.

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Age Shall Not Weary Them

SOLOS has always had a focus on youth, and given their particular vulnerability in the face of technology we've barely had time to assimilate, rightly so. But another group who struggle mightily in a digital world also need the occasional helping hand. No, not parents—seniors and the elderly. If parents are sometimes all at sea without a lifeboat when it comes to staying current, this group is often clinging to a piece of driftwood. And there are numerous ways in [...]

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Protect Your Reputation

Because anything written, posted, stated, or recorded pertaining to you, your character, your actions, real or even faked, stays online for all time.

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Both Sides of the Screen

This is a horse I don't think we've flogged enough yet, despite last week's post on the topic. It's very interesting how polarized people seem to be on this. Is digital learning inherently good or inherently evil?

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Polls Apart

There may be times when we appear, in this blog, to be swimming very much against the tides as far as our reactions to various internet panics go. It's important to stress that virtually none of these concerns is completely without merit, however, and indeed many pose a genuine threat to the wellbeing of our youth and their communities.

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