New Public Service Announcement by the Society for Children and Youth of BC

The Society for Children and Youth in BC has launched a new public awareness campaign to promote child and youth rights in everyday life in BC.

This PSA was written and recorded by BC youth who experienced discrimination first hand. Listen for it on radio stations throughout the province.

 Youth and non-discrimination

“One of the more negative effects of prejudice and discrimination that children and youth face as a daily part of their lives is the power of stereotypes. Stereotypes are in simple terms, an over-generalization, a “snap shot” perspective frozen in time and place that superimposes a perception of someone solely based on their group membership or outwardly attributes. Stereotypes denies our individual character and uniqueness. It ties us to a perception that prejudges us before we can make our true selves known to others.” (SCYBC)

Please take the time to listen to this new PSA in support of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and show your support for the SCYBC.

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