Media requests for ‘a body”

The media attention around Craigslist has resulted in some local news organizations again requesting to talk to a girl “who’s been there”. I have always maintained, and will always maintain a “no bodies for the media” stance.   No bodies – just informed spokespersons who can convey the (non-identifying) stories of actual cases occurring in the city right now. Getting a body for the media, no matter that ‘their identity will be concealed’, means compounding the trauma that youth has already experienced. These are minors lacking in some of the developmental capacity to comprehend how these choices are going to affect their lives. They may bask in the glow of the media spotlight just like they sought the approval of others who raped and sold them. They might, however tell their bff that they are going to be on TV. She might not keep it a secret. Her classmates and teachers may end up knowing.  Their family will know. SHE will know, and will have gone through the delicate process of disclosing/ telling her story that in and of itself can be harmful if not supported therapeutically, financially and emotionally.  In light of the ‘christopher neil’ unswirling, who’s to say that she won’t be identified by future software developments from the recordings she does for television or radio. Frontline workers can’t ‘offer up bodies’ – to do so undoes all their sweat, tears and bad pay. It’s unfortunate that the media feels that victims make good coverage – I’m not buying it.