Facebook settings and decisions

I’ve been talking in our SOLOS Presentations lately about the need to differentiate between personal and public space.  This is a difficult process and, as you probably know if you’ve tried to do this, the line between personal and professional is blurry in many ways.  This is my attempt to role model that difficult negotiation.
In the future, I’m going to be trying to use my Profile for personal/social interactions and my SOLOS Page for celebrating the work we are doing to address internet safety awareness.  I’m also going to be sorting through my list of ‘Friends’ and removing those people who are my professional associates, (those of you who have the burden of being my family and friends will continue to be subject to my tasteless jokes and silly pictures). Please don’t  be offended if your are removed from my ‘Friend’ list. I think that is these times of increasing visibility and decreasing privacy that it would be best for me to try to start to have separate spaces online for different parts of my life.
Before I go through my list, I’d like to make sure that all of you have a chance to signed up on the SOLOS page so you won’t miss out on updates about the important work I believe SOLOS is doing. Just click the link in the line above and ‘Like” the Page.
Take care and surf safe!