Collecting our thoughts

Since the death of Amanda Todd. I have been trying to sort out what this tectonic shift in public awareness and online youth culture is going to mean and how to best use this pivotal moment in time. After the shock, grief, initial outpouring of rage/counter-rage and media coverage how to be best move forward. While I am doing my best to stay abreast of the current research, I thought I would share with you a few articles I am reading.

A blog post about the new laws criminalizing youth sexting in Pennsylvania.

Psychology Today article about the dangers of sexting.

An article in Salon about the Redditt world where people capture pix of young girls flashing

A blog post from danah boyd with advice for parents on the three conversations to have with their kids.

Project Trust, which is a program in in Ohio.

A Facebook resource on bullying.

A draft of the new Digital Literacy Standard the Province of B.C. is working on.

and this info sheet for youth on the consequences of sexting.

It’s a busy time. We need to focus. We need to inform ourselves broadly before we jump in and start assigning funding and roles.