Canada’s SOPA

Canada has been lagging behind when it comes to copyright laws. The Copyright Act of Canada , introduced in 1921 and last amended in 1997, is in dire need of an upgrade, considering the 1997 amendment was made in the last century—before (as the Canadian government itself points out) "before the 'dot-com' era, before social media, and before tablet computers and mobile devices allowed us to access thousands of songs, movies, and applications at the touch of a button or [...]

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Monday Morning collection of articles to note…

I had a very inspiring conversation today with Tim Davies who has done some very interesting work around youth work, policy and online technologies. He is connected with many online communities and resources that I will put as links up here in the near future. Shortly after that I got an email from an old friend who updated me about the discussion paper called "There Ought to be a Law: Protecting Children's Online Privacy in the 21st Century" being launched [...]

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Demand for Govt action on pro-anorexia websites –

In the U.K., Tanya Byron, released a statement calling on government to follow through on her recommendations regarding internet safety education. On another note from the U.K., they are also trying to do something to address the issues presented by sites that promote dysfunctional behaviour. Psychiatrists are calling on the government to act on pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia websites today, after growing concern at their increased prevalence on the net. Demand for govt action on pro-anorexia websites - .

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Let’s Not Let This Drop!

It's important that we not let these moments of intense concern about the youth being sexually exploited in North and West Vancouver flash out into diffused apathy next week. Collaborative problem solving and learning new ways of delivering our youth  programming and educational materials is the challenge of the next decade, not just this week. Here's an excellent article to ponder while we're worrying about what to do about Craigslist. "Teens Divulge Risky Behavior on Social Networking Sites But e-mail intervention [...]

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