New research paints a clear picture

New research is showing us the level of saturation of media use by children and youth is up dramatically. Common Sense Media released a study this year, called “Social Media, Social Life, Teens Reveal Their Exeriences, 2018” . In it, teens report an increase in social media use (34% in 2012 vs. 70% in 2018) and smartphone use (41% in 2012 vs. 89% in 2018).  and which apps their using (Facebook is out and SnapChat and Instagram are in). These [...]

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Realistic use of technology

I believe we are getting closer to using technology realistically and I’m encouraged by some of the recent voices and awareness raising about excessive screen time and how it’s affecting us socially, psychologically and emotionally. Tristan Harris is a former Product Philosopher and Design Ethicist for Google where he studied how technology affects people’s attention, wellbeing and behaviour. "Called the “closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience,” by The Atlantic magazine, Tristan Harris spent three years as a Google [...]

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Parents don’t need to be terrified of the internet!

This has long been the approach of Safe Online where we appraoch the Internet and Internet Safety from a place of possibility and positivity rather than negativity and scare tactics.  Heres a great article from the that delves a little deeper. Parents should try to encourage conversations about what sites and apps their children access and who they're connecting with. This dialogue is essential to keeping our kids safe online. We need a more balanced and less fear-based approach to [...]

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CTV Interview with Merlyn Horton, Executive Director, SOLOS

Today, Merlyn Horton, our ED for SOLOS, was asked to do an interview with CTV News at Six, as a breaking story emerged regarding online predators and internet luring of children. In the following interview with CTV reporter Julia Foy, Merlyn speaks about protecting children from internet luring and gives advice regarding the dangers of accepting friend requests online from unfamiliar or unknown people.

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A Community Shout Out For SOLOS

Giving is Receiving is a Vancouver, BC-based blog dedicated to shining a light on the numerous non-profit and charitable organizations in the Metro Vancouver area. Recognizing the spirit of generosity in most of these organizations, the author behind the blog—retired lawyer Patricia Sandberg—aims to make use of her newly-found time by acknowledging the often-unheralded work people do to make our communities better. Paying it forward, in other words. With this in mind, she recently discussed the Safe Online Education Associates. [...]

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New Public Service Announcement by the Society for Children and Youth of BC

The Society for Children and Youth in BC has launched a new public awareness campaign to promote child and youth rights in everyday life in BC. This PSA was written and recorded by BC youth who experienced discrimination first hand. Listen for it on radio stations throughout the province.  Youth and non-discrimination "One of the more negative effects of prejudice and discrimination that children and youth face as a daily part of their lives is the power of stereotypes. Stereotypes are in [...]

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Reactions and Overreactions

As usual, it seems many of the adults entrusted to care for and educate our children and youth are hopelessly behind when it comes to the technological aspects, resorting to pre-digital, pre-social network and frankly bizarro-world Chicken Little type reactions in order to deal with the nuances of social media behaviours and activities. First off, there's the story of Indiana high school student Austin Carroll who used a profanity in a tweet posted to his Twitter account. His personal Twitter [...]

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Parent Trap: Teen’s Porn Habit Stresses Mom

If you will forgive the repost, here is a link to an article from the Vancouver Sun. So many parents are struggling with teen porn viewing habits and this is a topic we are covering more and more in our SOLOS presentations for youth and parents. Parent Trap: Teen’s porn habit stresses mom.

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