CTV Interview with Merlyn Horton, Executive Director, SOLOS

Today, Merlyn Horton, our ED for SOLOS, was asked to do an interview with CTV News at Six, as a breaking story emerged regarding online predators and internet luring of children. In the following interview with CTV reporter Julia Foy, Merlyn speaks about protecting children from internet luring and gives advice regarding the dangers of accepting friend requests online from unfamiliar or unknown people. http://bc.ctvnews.ca/convicted-child-lurer-caught-with-phony-facebook-account-1.914449

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The Online Habits of Teens

Even taken separately, a couple of infographics based on two different surveys featuring the online habits of teens offer us interesting enough food for thought, but when combined, the information is even more intriguing. It feels a little redundant to be using text to describe an infographic, as it kind of misses their entire point, but allowing for audience unfamiliarity with them, I'll begin with the survey conducted by email marketing company AWeber. Surveying American high school and college age [...]

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New Public Service Announcement by the Society for Children and Youth of BC

The Society for Children and Youth in BC has launched a new public awareness campaign to promote child and youth rights in everyday life in BC. This PSA was written and recorded by BC youth who experienced discrimination first hand. Listen for it on radio stations throughout the province.  Youth and non-discrimination "One of the more negative effects of prejudice and discrimination that children and youth face as a daily part of their lives is the power of stereotypes. Stereotypes are in [...]

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A Generation of Eye-Rollers.

In the previous post, I alluded to the stereotype of the Millennial Generation's alleged sense of entitlement and lack of motivation, the impression given by previous generations that they are immersed in their digital devices, barely raising their heads from their latest text to say a distracted and irritable "hi" in the real world. A "generation of eye-rollers" and social networking time wasters. So how true is this? And instead of listening to the low level hum of frustrated parents, [...]

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Facebook Parenting!

Okay, yet more adults trying to deal with the vagaries of youth, and arguably doing it all wrong. Following on from Tommy Jordan shooting his daughter's laptop on YouTube, an Akron, Ohio mom named Denise Abbott decided that public humiliation was also the way to deal with her 13-year-old daughter Ava's alleged misbehaviour. Electing to make the punishment fit the crime, she replaced her smack-talking online-drama-addicted daughter's Facebook profile picture with an altered version of the photo. Namely, with a [...]

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School Coach Resigns

Here is one of those stories that's a kind of excruciating albeit minor tragedy. It also takes us into some familiar areas surrounding how important it is to be smart when using social networks, and how much moral hysteria can exacerbate issues that once might have been dealt with using saner or at least calmer heads. Paul Withee was a high school football coach and middle school science and math teacher in Maine who sent a naked picture of himself [...]

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Facebook Pedophiles or Elementary Students: Which is the better investment?

There is a story breaking today about an international child exploitation ring which may involve two British Columbians, one in Vancouver and one in Kelowna. Eleven people (six in the U.K., three in Australia and and two in Canada) have been arrested for exchanging child sexual abuse images and videos on Facebook. The investigation started in March. One individual was sentenced in the U.K. yesterday, which seems to have prompted these subsequent arrests. The success of the arrest of these [...]

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Facebook and “radical transparency” by Danah Boyd

I wanted to pass on this blog post from danah boyd - not just because I think she's brilliant - but because I'm worried that the fundamental changes in the Facebook terms-of-use agreement last month might be slipping below many people's radar. apophenia » Blog Archive » Facebook and “radical transparency” (a rant).

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Facebook settings and decisions

I've been talking in our SOLOS Presentations lately about the need to differentiate between personal and public space.  This is a difficult process and, as you probably know if you've tried to do this, the line between personal and professional is blurry in many ways.  This is my attempt to role model that difficult negotiation. In the future, I'm going to be trying to use my Profile for personal/social interactions and my SOLOS Page for celebrating the work we are [...]

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