Social Media Outlets Urged To Be More Accountable

Savvy web users have known the addictive popularity of reaction videos for quite some time, not always in the name of constructive causes, but in the wake of the Amanda Todd tragedy, the Fine Brothers decided to put this knowledge to good use by filming a reaction video of their own.

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Ain’t That a Shame

And right on cue after that last post, here's another reason to be concerned about this recent trend of outing bad behaviour online, this time right here in Canada. Turns out some teens are mad at their teachers. Um, this is news? Apparently, yes.

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A Facebook Reprise

Since this could be the last blog post for the foreseeable future, I thought it might be a place to drop those smaller stories about Facebook that pop up now and again, stories which on their own are not quite deep enough for a full blog post, but might be interesting to readers presented as a kind of odds and ends thing.

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Facing Up To Facebook

All too often, stories about kids on Facebook tend toward the gloomy and the disapproving. And that's all well and good when, for example, we hear stories about a single 6th Grader being harassed by 57 classmates via the social network. So, that's 58 kids interacting on a platform they're not allowed to sign up for. Hmmmm.

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The Parent’s Dilemma

In the article, the point is raised that the Kindle Fire you broke down and finally bought for your pleading teen in the hopes that he or she would read more books may well end up being a source of a burgeoning gaming addiction instead. Although… we can't help wondering if said parents haven't been slightly hoodwinked by their more technology-aware offspring once again: settling for the less sexy but more exclusively bookish Kindle 3G or the newer Paperwhite 3G might have made more sense.

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Vigilance Without Paranoia

We have spoken here of balance before, and this next story perfectly epitomizes the need for that very perspective. With children of all ages returning to school this week, many parents and experts have expressed anything from mild concern to full blown anxiety over children's alleged over-engagement with technology.

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