Today, schools all over the country will be awash in shades of pink. In any colour, seeing youth come together around a common cause is inspiring. Kindergarten to grade 12. And yes, ‘bullies’ will wear pink shirts too. Amongst the sincere sentiments today will be some girls and boys who know that they have sent hurtful or untrue text or humiliated someone online or  forwarded a personal message to the whole school or re-shared nude pictures of one of the girls in their school.  They too will wear their pink shirts. Maybe guiltily, maybe resolute and reformed,  and maybe in mock celebration with their co-bullies. Maybe there will be some who don’t know if they are a bully or not. It’s much easier to say you have been bullied than if you, yourself are someone Pink Shirt Day is talking about.  I’ve gossiped.  I’ve said mean or discriminatory comments. I too have that evil voice in my head, especially when I’m scared or angry, that thinks I will feel better if I hurt another. Thankfully life experience and age have mellowed that voice. And I have the luxury of living in a safe space. I’m beginning to realize, however that Pink Shirt Day is as much about recognizing and calming “the bully within” each of us as it is identifying together as victims of bullying.