As Another School Year Begins

As the summer ends and another school year begins, parents and educators prepare the supplies to ensure a successful year for our youth. As each year passes, the classrooms and homework demands change and so must this preparation.   Many of today’s students depend on computers or electronic tablets for doing homework and socializing with classmates. Because of this, we at SOLOS encourage educators and parents to discuss online safety as an important element of preparing kids to go back to school.

 SOLOS basic messages are:

* Everything you post online is permanent

* Everything you post online is public

* Use critical thinking skills about information and people online

* Protect your private information and be careful with your personal     information

* Be responsible for what you post online

* Don’t take, or let anyone take sexual images of you and don’t talk about sex online

* Take a stand against online harassment and tell someone if you are being victimized.

Educating youth is a valuable way to promote a healthy school culture.  Thinking critically about how technology should be used can help to ensure the Internet remains a safe, valuable tool for your school community and we would love to come and help your school community be safer online.

Please go to our website and check out our new presentation formats – classroom seminars, assemblies, parent and pro-d day workshops.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Onwards and upwards,

The SOLOS Team