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School Internet Safety Program

Presentations & Workshops for Students, Parents & Educators

SafeOnline’s School Internet Safety Program addresses the need within schools for pro-active, pro-empowerment, pro-awareness-raising education that promotes positive online citizenship as well as assists parents and teachers be better online role models.

2017/2018 SCHOOL YEAR

Most of our students today are technology flooded. And, because of their extensive use of digital devices and engagement in online spaces, many of our children and teens are missing out on having the required experiences for social emotional learning. I believe that by supporting the whole school community; you, your school administrators, your teachers, parents and students, in reinforcing positive digital use habits, we can begin to change some of the negative impacts that technology flooding is causing.

This year, in addition to offering the latest in current research, online trends and behavioural concerns to students and parents, I will be focussing on encouraging good on/offline boundaries and balance, and prioritizing physical presence in every day life.

I look forward to substantially contributing to, both in-person and with classroom or take-home resources and handouts, the conversations I know your school communities are having about technology and device use—both at home and at school.

Looking forward to working with you,

Merlyn Horton,

CEO and Internet Safety Evangelist


All SafeOnline presentations and workshops highlight:

  • Using Technology Wisely

  • Engaging Carefully

  • Acting Responsibly

  • Getting Help

Your Life Online : Students Grades 4-12

Your Life Online : Student Assembly Presentations

Dynamic, engaging and quick—our 45-65 minute multimedia assembly presentations include current examples, memes and trends.These student Presentations are available for Grades 4-12 (two grade variance per group) and focus on equipping youth to use their devices more safely, balancing their on and off line lives and learning about some of the amazing positive applications, communities and online movements.

  • Small assembly: under 150 children or youth – $675
  • Large assembly: 150 to 750 children or youth – $875
  • Extra large assemblies: over 750 students – $1200

Your Life Online : Classroom Workshops

Interactive, experiential and residual : our 60-120 minute workshops include both multimedia presentation and interactive components— dialogue, games, worksheets, quizzes and/or art projects. The student workshops are available for Grades 4-12 (two grade variance per group) and address B.C. curriculum priorities by promoting critical and reflective thinking skills, social emotional development, communication competencies in digital literacy and enhanced personal and social responsibility in all online interactions.

  • Student Classroom Workshop size is limited to 25 students
  • Standard fee is $675, however please contact me about your particular group and circumstances should that be an issue. Discounts may be provided to some private and public groups. Our fee can, in some circumstances, be negotiated.

Teachers and students will be provided with an SafeOnline Quiz, Answer Sheet and Tip Sheet.


Parenting in a Digital Age

Parent Workshop

Parent and solution-focused : Our 75- 120 minute, Parenting in a Digital Age workshop will give you practical ideas and the tools to make your children safer online. Parent advisory, grandparent, new parent and foster parent groups can all become better informed participants in their children’s online world.

• Parent Workshops sizes up to 100 people

Parents will be provided with a Tip Sheet and Scavenger Hunt for post-assembly use.


Positive Digital Citizenship in the Classroom

Educator Workshop

This workshop will give educators ideas on how to promote positive digital citizenship, improve online safety and utilize online resources within the classroom. Educators will be provided an opportunity to ask questions during the workshop. Afterwards, they will be provided with a link to our source material and research, additional references and follow-up classroom activities.



For all presentation and workshop fees, please visit: SafeOnline Booking Page

Post Presentation & Workshop Resources

Audiences have access to the resources for follow-up, after the workshop or presentation,  so they can continue the dialogue with their families, share something they learned or do some of the suggested steps. SafeOnline presentations and workshops offer a lot of information in a short period of time, so following your event, you will be provided with access the valuable links, resources and research referenced in your presentation or workshop. Handouts and links will be available at your event and for sharing on your school network.

Please contact SafeOnline if you have questions.