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The changes since I started speaking to students in 2005 are profound and encouraging. While we should all be concerned about the overuse of technology by children and teens, (and indeed ourselves), there are some encouraging trends towards pro-social uses of technology as well.

We are more informed by research and informed voices about the need to more consciously access online media. Media companies are responding with online tracking apps such as Google or Apple software with features to make visible some of the choices we are making and which hopefully encourage reflect, then make better choices.

This summer I had the privilege to work with Mulgrave school and develop workshops for their teachers, K-12, that utilized existing free curricula and my existing content to give them sound applicable tips and tools to carry back to their classrooms and utilize immediately.

Mulgrave School engaged with Merlyn from Safe Online to present a series of workshops and presentations for teachers and students, as part of our Digital Literacy and Citizenship boot camps that took place in the first week of school. During the planning phase I was impressed by Merlyn’s willingness to tailor her presentations to our specific needs. Merlyn stayed in regular contact, asked lots of questions, provided regular planning updates and adjusted contents according to our requests. I was most impressed that Merlyn was able to connect topics to the Mulgrave School Digital Literacy & Citizenship Scope & Sequence, providing immediately relevant information to the various groups of junior, middle and senior school faculty and students. Merlyn’s fast-paced sessions were accompanied by a host of resources that teachers could use in follow up lessons. This ensured that the sessions were not one-off information blasts, but a valuable starting point to build learning from. We felt that the topics and the manner in which they were covered by Merlyn was so worthwhile that we have asked Merlyn to come back to engage with Mulgrave parents!” Dave Dallman Mulgrave School, North Vancouver, B.C

I’d love to do that with you and your school community too.

I look forward to seeing you again, or coming to your school for the first time,  and serving your school community,

Merlyn Horton<
CEO SafeOnline Education Associates

Our SafeOnline presentations and workshops are tailored to professional and school-based audiences.

Professional Development Workshops & Presentations

Since 2002 when technology began to impact youth, particularly high risk youth, Merlyn Horton and SafeOnline have delivered workshops and presentations to youth-serving professionals: youth work, social services, public health, women’s health, First Nations, law enforcement and education. These respected, reputable and memorable professional development workshops have been hosted by many non-profit organizations throughout British Columbia. (References available on request).

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School Internet Safety Program

Our School Internet Safety Program offers students, parents and teachers specific, current and relevant information for the whole school community. Offered as discounted packages they include a wealth of leave-behind knowledge usable at home and at school.

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