SafeOnline Presentations, Workshops & Consultations

At SafeOnline, we live web culture and keep up-to-date on the latest trends, hot sites and the potential risks. We pride ourselves on staying current with what’s happening online and we bring what we know to you in our exceptional presentations. Our presentations are entertaining,engaging and educational They offer important information for anyone that wants a better understanding what youth are doing online and what it means for tweens, teens, parents and professionals. Our presentations are complimented by our take home practical suggestions and safety tips, allowing the learning to continue afterwards.

Our SafeOnline presentations and workshops are tailored to professional and school-based audiences.

Professional Development Workshops & Presentations

Since 2002 when technology began to impact youth, particularly high risk youth, Merlyn Horton and SafeOnline have delivered workshops and presentations to youth-serving professionals: youth work, social services, public health, women’s health, First Nations, law enforcement and education. These respected, reputable and memorable professional development workshops have been hosted by many non-profit organizations throughout British Columbia. (References available on request).

Workshop topics range from policy development and online risk assessment to meeting the changing needs of a diverse client groups uniquely impacted by technology. Regarded as reputable, current and relevant SafeOnline engages a wide diversity of professionals in communities large and small. Contact us if you have specific issues or content you would like delivered to your organization or group. We feel confident in our reputation and invite you to contact us directly about a reference we can provide in your area of B.C.

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School Based Internet Safety Program

Our SBIS Program offers students, parents and teachers specific, current and relevant information for the whole school community. Offered as discounted packages they include a wealth of leave-behind knowledge usable at home and at school.

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